Thank you for coming by and considering me as your wedding photographer!

I’m Belinda, an Orlando Wedding Photographer as who also specializes in destination weddings as well. Not only do I love my job but I am extremely passionate about it as well.  I am also blessed to be the mother to a gorgeous daughter who is not only funny but smart!  She is my heart in this life!

Wedding photography is what brought me into this world of photography!  Seriously! I really never even knew that it could be a career or that there were careers that you could love this much.  When I found my love for it, I attended every workshop I could find.  Actually, I am constantly growing in my craft as I am always seeking out new opportunities to learn something new.  My philosophy with my career is that once you stop learning, you stop growing.

For me, wedding photography is a passion, an art form and when I am in the moment, it kind of takes on a life of its own.  There is something about seeing the smile on the bride’s face, the way a groom looks at his bride for the first time.  The tears her mom sheds as she sees her beautiful daughter all grown up in her wedding gown.  The laughter and emotions shared during the toasts, the roaring party full of dancing, laughter, and love.  Yeah, weddings are amazing!  There is no doubt about it and the feeling of how it fulfills my heart is indescribable.

Meet Belinda:

I was born in Missouri but raised in Florida. My parents were adventure seekers and instilled that in me as well. I have a love for the ocean, the great outdoors, and all activities in between.

My favorite things to do are snorkeling in the Florida Keys, traveling to the Smokey Mountains, whitewater rafting, or hiking up to the beautiful waterfalls. In the past few years, I have been blessed to be able to explore new places including Chicago, Savannah, Los Angeles, New York City, Malibu, St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Bahamas and Denver. Some of these places were for fun, some for photography (which is still the same thing – FUN!) I live by going to wherever the adventure takes me however Florida will always be my home.

I love my dog but also have a huge love for cats.   Honestly, I have love for all animals.
Some of my most favorite things in life are not things but spending time with my family and making memories.