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You’re Engaged – Now What?  | Advice From a Wedding Planner

Woo HOO!  He asked and you said the that sweet reply of “YES!!”  As wedding photographer, I am in many groups where brides are newly engaged.  In a 24 hour period over Christmas in one particular group, I saw the same question of “What do I need to be doing now?  What do I do first?”  I wanted to ease all of your worries and show you the fun that you will have and I found it best to pull in an expert, a wedding planner, to give you all some great advice!

Captured By Belinda Photography, Orlando Wedding Photographer, Leu Gardens Weddings

Captured By Belinda Photography, Orlando Wedding Photographer, Leu Gardens Weddings

Let’s introduce to you Kim from Pearl White Events!  She is such a wonderful professional here in the Central Florida Wedding Industry and is full of the perfect advice for the newly engaged couples!

So let’s get to it and start planning the wedding of your dreams with the help of our friend Kim.

  1.  Decide on the date! Start with the year and the season that you would like to get married!  Next plan for the month and date. Being flexible within that month you choose for your dream venue is a big help.  Most venues will book out especially for Saturdays 12-18 months or more.
  2.  Determine a wedding budget once you set a tentative date so you know how much you can allocate toward your wedding.  Please keep in mind that the season, month, and day of the week can all affect these dates.
  3.  Go find your Dream Wedding Venue!  Seriously, Central Florida is home to some of the most gorgeous wedding venues.
  4.  Depending on how busy you are, hiring a wedding planner can help you find the right wedding venue for you.
  5.  Find your Photographer!  Photographers will typically book out just as fast as venues.
  6.  Wedding Dress!  I know you ladies are excited about dress shopping and it should be at the top of your list but I would recommend booking your venue first if you have the time because that could determine the style of dress that you would like to select.  Shopping for your dress should take place no less than 8 months before the wedding.  Some dresses only ship in certain months and seasons.
  7.  Find your Videographer!  If you have your heart set on a particular Videographer, this would be the time to lock him/her in.
  8.  Catering can make up 40% of budget for food and beverage so determining your caterer early will determine how much they have to put toward other aspects of their wedding.
  9.  Florist:  Bring your ideas and your floral dreams and get to designing the florals you have always dreamed of!
  10.   Start shopping for your cake artist, stationary, menu cards, signage, and all of the wonderful details that make your wedding unique to you.


If you would like to inquire with Kim for wedding day planning and learn how she can help you, please click here.

Here are the types of services she offers:

  1. Full Wedding Planning:  Full planning is from A-Z, determine your budgets, sourcing all of your vendors, and helping you to choose your venue
  2. Partial Wedding Planning:   Partial planning picks up from where you left off.
  3. Month of Coordination:  Kim would also help with the design aspect.
    ***Bonus:  Typically planners might receive certain discounts from certain vendors which can help you save money in the long run.

Tip:  Check out Real Reviews from reputable sites on vendors and be sure to ask your friends for recommendations.

Happy Wedding Planning!



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